Art of Effective Lecturing

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Whether you are teaching for the very first time or are a seasoned veteran, prepare carefully for the initial class. Your preparation and attitude is contagious: students will pick up on your excitement, be more likely to commit to your class, and invest greater energy in the class.

You can also tell your students something about yourself that first day. If the class is small, you can have class members introduce themselves. If the class will require a lot of student interaction in discussions or projects, you might divide the students into pairs and give each pair five minutes to interview each other (be sure to indicate when the time is half over). The pairs then introduce each other to the rest of the group. This method has the advantage of not putting people on the spot to talk about themselves and yet making sure everyone already knows at least one other member of the group.

By Dr Dilan M Rostam

The President of KNU

This workshop is arranged by KNU’s

Center for Academic Research, Training and Activities (CART)


11th Feb 2020, at 13:30

KNU Main Library

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