Solid Waste Management in the City of Erbil

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Solid waste management is an essential service in any society. Before introducing the process, however, let's start with a discussion of the material being managed—solid waste.

Solid waste refers to the range of garbage materials—arising from animal and human activities—that are discarded as unwanted and useless. Solid waste is generated from industrial, residential, and commercial activities in a given area, and may be handled in a variety of ways. As such, landfills are typically classified as sanitary, municipal, construction and demolition, or industrial waste sites. 

Waste can be categorized based on material, such as plastic, paper, glass, metal, and organic waste. Categorization may also be based on hazard potential, including radioactive, flammable, infectious, toxic, or non-toxic wastes. Categories may also pertain to the origin of the waste, whether industrial, domestic, commercial, institutional, or construction and demolition.

By Dr. Salah F. A. Sharif and Miss. Shadan R. Abubaker
Department of Environmental Engineering (DENE)

This workshop is arranged by KNU’s
Center for Academic Research, Training and Activities (CART)

8th April 2020, at 13:00
KNU Main Library

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