Strategies to Enhance Marketability of KNU Graduates

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In the context of job hunting, “marketability of KNU graduates” refers to several things. It refers to how desirable a candidate is for employment consideration; what a candidate is worth as a prospective hire. Corporate employers want to hire academically prepared, highly motivated, and ambitious workers who offer them a good, long-term return on their investment. This workshop will motivate us to prepare our graduates to showcase their talent in the work front.

Enhancing technical skills

To market the upcoming graduates, based on the suggestion from various research articles, states that there are two prospective strategies that are internal and external. Internal perspectives are Enhancement Scientific Skills (ESS), Organisation Skill (OS), Creativity & Innovative Skill(CIS) and Research and Scholarship Skill (RSS). External Perspectives are Industrial Talks and Visits(ITV) and Invited Alumni Talks (IAT).


Dr. V. Ramchand  & Dr. T. Vijay

 College of Science (CSCN)
Knowledge University (KNU)

This workshop is arranged by KNU’s
Center for Academic Research, Training and Activities (CART)

15th April 2020, at 13:00
KNU Main Library.

Please read further about this workshop below or download the full flyer in PDF at the the bottom of this page.