Prevalence, Detection and Treatment of Hepatitis in Kurdistan Region

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Today the World Hepatitis Alliance launches an open letter calling for immediate action to vastly improve access to life-saving drugs for viral hepatitis. Signed by over 120 organizations from 55 countries, the letter highlights that more people die each year from hepatitis B and C than from HIV/AIDS, TB or malaria and that “the single most important reason for this is that they do not have access to life-saving drugs for hepatitis B and hepatitis C “.


The open letter has been signed on behalf of the 400 million people worldwide living with hepatitis B and C and makes specific requests to governments and pharmaceutical companies. In particular, the letter calls on national governments to take all necessary steps to:

  • Remove stigma that prevents people coming forward for testing

  • Put in place adequate infrastructure and reduce the price of diagnostics so that they can screen at-risk populations

By Prof. Seyed Moayed Alavian M.D.

and Assistant Prof. Salman Khan

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22th April 2020, at 10:00

KNU Conference Hall

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