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Google Scholar Account (GSA)
All Knowledge University (KNU) staff members need to create an account with Google Scholar Account(GSA) using their e-mail account, not a personal or any other email.

Google Scholar Account (GSA)+Link are used by the Webometrics to evaluate the academics and accumulated citations count by GSA for KNU.

After creating your Teacher Academic Portfolio (TAP) website, kindly put the link in Academic profile page in your TAP with title "My Google Scholar" or "Google Scholar Page". See this example presented here below

To create a Google Scholar Account (GSA) please follow the instructions below

  1. Access your private gmail account if you do not have one it is better to create one to not lose your GSA account if you leave KNU one day in the future, then
  2. Visit the Link
  3. Click on the second upper left link "My profilewill see a form
  4. Provide your full 3 names with formal official spelling
  5. Affiliation, As Professor/Assistant Professor/Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer of Law (anything related to you), DLAW (your department abbreviation based on this list), Knowledge University
    If you are a lecturer in Computer Science, it should read
    Lecturer of Computer Science, DCSC, Knowledge University
  6. Then provide your KNU email as
  7. Then provide five set of keyword that cover your area of interest
  8. The provide your TAP webpage, if you do not have this, just put
  9. and now click next!
  10. You will be presented with possible list of publications that might be yours, you will need to check them one by one to make sure they are 100% your publications, if now you will need to off tick them. Please follow the video below to further detailed instruction. 
Please note if you need assistance with this process please contact the IT Unit office at KNU.