The Center for Academic Research, Training, and Activities (CART) at Knowledge University (KNU) is hub for research activities, training sessions, workshops, consultancy and in general Continuous Academic Development (CAD).

The KNU's Center for Academic Research, Training and Activities (CART) is a community of researchers and programs covering a variety of substantive domains and exemplifying KNU’s commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence and research innovation. The CART brings substantive expertise and collaborative infrastructure to theoretically driven and multidisciplinary research. The CART collaborates with multi-disciplinary research from the whole university and other research from local and international institutions by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data; providing methodological and statistical expertise; and facilitating pre- and post-award management in variety of fields. CART’s research staff works jointly with social scientists, physicians, and other experts in an open, cooperative working environment. CART governing board is an inclusive team to allow state of the art knowledge and experience transfer across the various disciplines. 

As part of a learning culture, inter-generational project teams enrich learning, scholarship, and discovery. In particular, graduate research assistants at CART have the tremendous opportunity to apply what they have learned in practical settings. As the next generation of social scientists, they work with experts in various fields and disciplines to conduct world-class empirical research, and CART benefits from their fresh perspectives, energy, and insights.